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44:005 Foundations of GIS Lab 9: Selection Lab Imagine that you have been given the task of producing an informative map of RAGBRAI 2008. You might choose to include road segments and towns along the bike route in addition to other interesting spatial information about the bike race. You could begin by downloading shapefiles that contain the point locations of every town in Iowa and road segments for every road in Iowa. But if you want your final map to display only those towns and road segments along the route, you will need to find a way to remove all the other towns and road segments. This can be done easily with an interactive selection . Interactive selection , select by attribute and definition query are three different tools that ArcMap provides for creating subsets of large datasets that are more useful for the map you would like to make or the analysis you would like to perform. Overview of the exercise… Tracklogs and positional dilution of precision (PDOP) Selection Options in ArcMap Interactive selection Select by attribute Creating layers and shapefiles from selections Definition query I. The data: tracklogs and positional dilution of precision Tracklogs can be used to record the movement of anything you can attach a GPS receiver to: vehicles, people, animals, and even shipping containers… The BBC has been tracking this shipping container since September, ’08. ( 44:005 Lab 9 Selection Lab Pg 1 of 9
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In this lab, you will select specific point locations from a tracklog based on the PDOP value associated with each location. See lecture notes and chapter 5 of your text for background information about Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) , Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Positional Dilution of Precision (PDOP) . II. The Various Selection Options in ArcMap There are three different selection tools available in ArcMap: Interactive Selection, Select By Attribute and Definition Query . These tools can be accessed through: A. The Select Features tool on the Tools toolbar B. The Selection menu on the main menu bar C. The Definition Query tab in Layer Properties 1. Add group_tracks_fall.shp and group_tracks_spring.shp that you have copied to your student folder. 2. Open the Selection menu from the main menu bar in ArcMap. 3. Hold the mouse over each available menu item and read about its functionality in the lower left corner of the ArcMap window. 4. Click on each menu item to see how it works. Expand the Interactive Selection Method and read about each of the items in its submenu. III. Interactive Selection Interactive Selection allows you to select one or more of the features visible in the data view by clicking on them with the Select Features tool from the Tools toolbar. This tool is useful when you are familiar enough with the spatial locations of specific features that you can point to them on a map. You can interactively select features by clicking on them one at a time or by dragging a box around them. After you select a feature, ArcMap
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Lab 7 Selection - 44:005 Foundations of GIS Lab 9:...

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