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Guidelines for Writing a Business Paper 032711 (1)

Guidelines for Writing a Business Paper 032711 (1) - • Do...

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Guidelines for Writing a Business Paper Create a title for your paper Create headings (Identify concepts) Create short sentences, monitor grammar. Write like you were sending this paper to a president of a company you work for. Add examples (evidence) to support points made in the paper Add citations for every claim you may make in the paper Add brief a brief introduction and comment following your examples Provide recommendations and supported by the examples and research Provide a clear summary which is a capsule of your report Remember: Do not quote the book, it is not research Do not define concepts, remember the audience ( the instructor)
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Unformatted text preview: • Do not use the word “thing” including “something” • Select a couple or few concepts, it is not possible to write a 3 page paper covering every concept covered in chapters 1-9 of the textbook • Please bring a printed copy to class and drop box the paper in ICON • Ensure the accuracy of the examples cited in your paper • You will be providing your recommendations which are your opinion based upon research. However, do not build your paper upon opinions of others in newspapers, on the web etc. Your examples should be fact....
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