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Spring 11 syllabus 011811v2 - 06F:102 SCA Spring 11 Course...

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06F:102: SCA Spring 11 Course Syllabus Principles of Risk Management and Insurance Department of Finance University of Iowa Spring 2011 Instructor: Donna L. Pearcy Tuesdays, 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. C131 PC Office Hours: Thursdays, 4:00 p.m. through 5:00 p.m. or by appointment Office Location & Phone: 305 Plaza Centre One, 335-3425 (By appointment) Email: [email protected] Course Description (university catalog) Principles of Risk Management and Insurance (3 s.h.) Introduction to risk and insurance. Risk identification, risk evaluation, the demand for insurance, the effects of limited liability, theory of moral hazard and adverse selection. Both business and personal risk are covered with emphasis on insurance as a risk management tool. Prerequisite: 6F:110; co-requisite 6F:111. Additional Information: (Henry B. Tippie College) URL: http://www.biz.uiowa.edu/insurance/certificate.html The Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) Certificate Program Business organizations succeed not only by their ability to create value, but also by protecting value. Traditionally, the finance curriculum has focused on value creation and not on value protection. The Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) Certificate Program concentrates on value and asset protection, including pure insurance and risk management, as well as on corporate and financial risk management. The program of study is designed to promote the understanding of the many aspects of risk management and insurance. It addresses the financial and economic characteristics of potential exposures to loss faced by business organizations and individuals, and the techniques available for hedging risks and minimizing the costs associated with these exposures. As part of the Department of Finance, the RMI program provides students with a foundation for careers in corporate risk management, risk management consulting, employee benefits management and insurance consulting, insurance brokerage, and underwriting. Instructor Description The course is designed to enable the student to formalize risk management concepts and develop the ability to relate knowledge for personal and professional application. The course is basically divided into three major sections: 1) basics of risk management, insurance and risk; 2) health and benefit insurance, social insurance, life insurance and retirement; and 3) property and liability lines of insurance. The first section is devoted to understanding the concept of risk and risk management. The second and third section is the application of risk management through the various insurance vehicles. 1
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The course is designed to provide an understanding of risk management, analysis and insurance and to teach the process of applying those concepts in the decision making process. There will be discussion of current risk management and insurance topics with a major focus on
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Spring 11 syllabus 011811v2 - 06F:102 SCA Spring 11 Course...

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