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Lab 8 Questions(1)

Lab 8 Questions(1) - changes in urine pH 3 Calculate the...

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Lab 8 Regulation of Body Fluid Volumes Questions Due to Lab Instructor by: Friday; April 22, 2011 (Hint: Completion of these questions will be very helpful for added success on Exam 3) 1. Based on the data obtained for the control urine sample, describe the relative state of hydration (i.e. over-hydrated, euhydrated or dehydrated) for each of the subjects in your group. Your description should include data obtained from the food and liquid intake of each subject. 2. Describe the changes in pH of each subject’s urine after drinking each of the fluids. The control pH for most of the subject’s was likely slightly acidic. Why and how would expansion of the body fluid volumes with water and Gatorade impact these
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Unformatted text preview: changes in urine pH? 3. Calculate the changes in urinary sodium excretion for each of the subjects (last table). Describe the major mechanisms responsible for the recorded changes in sodium excretion for the individuals drinking 1) Gatorade and 2) the salt water/water plus chips/pretzels. 4. Assume each of the individuals in your group have a plasma osmolarity of 290 mOsm/L. Calculate the changes in Free Water Clearance (FWC) of each of the subjects and explain 1) why FWC in control is negative and 2) the differences in FWC between the water only drinking subject and the water plus sodium drinking subject. Your explanation should match your data....
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