Mother Holle 1st draft (1)

Mother Holle 1st draft (1) - Kerstie Nichols What makes the...

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Kerstie Nichols What makes the perfect women? This is a question that has been debated for centuries. In the wild it is purely the ability to produce offspring, but as humans have developed so has their perceptions of the ideal mate. In today’s society a women’s value is greater than just what she can do in the kitchen, but it has not always been this way. The story Frau Holle ATU:480 The Good and Bad Girl by the Grimms, gives readers a look into the past to see the qualities treasured of a women. Frau Holle teaches a young maiden, through various domestic tasks, what is needed to be a golden woman. The story of Mother Holle is about a young maiden’s journey to becoming the great mother, or perfect women, and Mother Holle who is there to guide this young woman. This story, like so many fairytales, begins with a widowed mother who has one daughter, and another step daughter who she does not like. The step mother made the maiden do all the chores around the house. This set up the maidens role in the household. The maiden is never given a name. From the very being the maiden, as she is referred to throughout the whole story, is set up to be a character of submission. She does all the household chores, with no complaints, and is not seen important enough to be given a name. At one point she is referred to being like a Cinderella, but this only refers to her cleaning, not her actual name. While spinning by the well one day, the maiden dropped the reel into the well. Upset, she ran into her house to tell her step mother, so scolded her and told her to receive the reel. This encounter represents the child-like behaviors of the maiden at the time. When something upsetting happened, she ran to her step mother for help; representing her reliance on her step mother. At this point in the maiden’s life everything she does is completely reliant on her step mother. The distraught maiden, goes back out to the well and falls in, loses consciousness, and wakes up into another world. This loses of consciousness and waking up in a different world
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represents the maiden’s first step to becoming a woman independent of her family. Falling to into the well, filled with water represents her renewal. In this new world, she will no longer be the unwanted daughter, but instead have an equal chance to improve herself. She will be able to being to cleanse herself of her child like ways and to become the women she needs to be. The maiden is completely segregated form her step mother and sister. She is able to develop into the women she needs to become away from the prejudice of her stepmother. This mother who is supposed to be a mentor for a young developing maiden is instead stifling her growth. As the young maiden looks around into the world she has just entered, she is faced with
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Mother Holle 1st draft (1) - Kerstie Nichols What makes the...

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