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Alan Walters

Alan Walters - Alan Walters Soc 342 Research Description...

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Alan Walters Soc 342 Research Description Summary Investment Banking versus Commercial Banking Abstract: Retail Banks have been around for centuries now, but are still evolving to keep up with market forces. Investment banks on the other hand have only really been around for forty years and look completely different than they did when they were first started. Retail and investment banks share some characteristics such as providing capital to individuals for starting a new business or expanding an old one. They also use trading instruments to gain capital and keep their businesses moving and on the cutting edge. That is about the extent of their relationship due to the increasing regulation of commercial banks since they are the entities that actually control the average person’s savings account. Recently investment banks have come under fire due to financial collapse and their so called risky trade practices. Exploring those trade practices are complicated due to the fact that they are hard to track and understand. These two very different
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