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Black History Program Planning (1)

Black History Program Planning (1) - Black History Program...

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Black History Program Planning Program Date: Thursday February 24, 2011 Location: Worsham or Memorial Hall Timeline of Gospel Music The Origins of Gospel Music can be traced back to slavery. The program would began with either someone singing an excerpt of a Negro Spiritual or it playing in the background as the Mime ministry would be performing some sort of skit to go along with this. Our program will “focus on the music that sprung from the early African American church”. These beginnings have inspired many modern day choirs and contemporary gospel as well as R and B music. All origins of early gospel music are traced back to Thomas A. Dorsey (1899-1993). He has been deemed the father of gospel music by many throughout the years. Most famously known as the composer of songs such as “There will be Peace in the Valley.” Dorsey wrote the infamous “Precious Lord, Take my Hand” which was made famous by Gospel Great Mahalia Jackson who sang the song at Martin Luther King Jr’s funeral. This song will be highlighted at our program and sung by someone.
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