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Field Experience Project Overview EPE 301 requires 15 hours of field placement, which should be completed within a non- traditional school setting, i.e. non-classroom setting, such as community education programs, social services, after school programs, literary programs, etc. You are also expected to use this field experience as an opportunity to gain familiarity with groups, whose backgrounds differ from your own. For this project, you will complete the following activities: 1.) Choose a non-traditional setting to complete your 15 hours of field experience. A list of possible options can be found online. However, by no means is this list exhaustive. Rather the list is a starting point for your search for the right site location for you, i.e. something you are interested in, want to learn more about, like, etc. Please do not just randomly select a location for this assignment. You will be spending a significant amount of time at this location observing and/or participating with site members and you will be basing your entire project (final paper, journals, etc.) on this location. a. After deciding on a location, contact and/or visit with the site supervisor, explain the project, provide a copy of my letter (in packet), and, if they agree, have them fill out their information and sign the site selection form. Your site selection form is due Sept. 9, 2010. b. Next, you will come up with a research question based on your site location. What is of interest to you? What could you study at this site? These are questions you should think about when coming up with a topic and narrowing it to a research question for your project. Your research question is due with your field selection form on Sept. 9, 2010. 2.) Keep a time log of hours worked, which should be signed off on by your site supervisor or the employee/member you are working with on a daily basis. How and when you complete these hours is up to you and your site supervisor, however, please keep in mind your hours should be completed and the log must be turned into me by Nov. 30, 2010 . 3.) While you are at your site, you will want to keep a journal or diary, if you will, of your experiences and the events, people, and/or activities you observe. These are your research notes for your final paper. Copious and clear notes will be essential to you. Also, these notes should be based on the topic you will be focusing on studying at your field site. Your journal is due by Nov. 30, 2010 . (Please see the journal and final paper rubrics in this packet for more details.) 4.) After completing your site experience and taking copious notes, you will want to start piecing together your presentation and final paper. Your presentation will be very informal. The last two class sessions will be devoted to student presentations and everyone is expected to share and discuss their experiences. Your presentations are due Dec. 2 or 7, 2010. (Please see the presentation rubric in this packet for more details.)
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5.) Your final paper will be a formal, 5-7 page mini-research paper and count as part of the
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Field+Experience+Project+Packet - Field Experience Project...

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