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Methods As mentioned in my introduction, I HYPOTHESIZE THAT DECREASING THE POPULATION OF WHELK WILL INCREASE THE POPULATION OF BOTH BARNACLE SPECIES (ACORN AND GOOSE NECK). To test this hypothesis I used the following methods. My independent variable used is the Whelk species; I decided to test three different levels of Whelk population during my experiments. I first tested using a Whelk population of 85(this was used as my control group), and then I reduced it to 25, finally I completely removed
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Unformatted text preview: the Whelk from the simulation. The dependent variable I measured after these simulations is the population of both the Acorn Barnacle and Goose Neck Barnacle. I replicated my simulations 5 times, making sure to reset the variables and simulation after each so I would start with the same beginning numbers. I ran the simulation for 75 weeks, measuring results each time right at the 75 week mark. Use the methods above, I was able to gather information in regards to my hypothesis....
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