Transgenics in Agriculture

Transgenics in Agriculture - Transgenics in Agriculture...

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Transgenics in Agriculture Background of Transgenics in Agriculture: In the present world, agriculture plays an integral role in the stability of the ever growing worldwide human population. Farmer’s, researchers, and entire countries are attempting to create a more efficient, and effective, approach to agriculture, as many regions around the world are facing food shortages, placing more stress on the farmers that are left. Transgenics may provide a possible solution to some of the present dilemmas in agriculture. Transgenic organisms are genetically engineered organisms, in which genes from the same, similar, or different species is integrated into the genome of another organism. Other names for transgenic organisms may be genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This presentation on agricultural transgenics will cover topics in the field relating to their benefits, disadvantages, techniques used, and possible ethical concerns that comes along with genetic modifications. Beginning of Transgenics: Tobacco was the first plant to be genetically modified, with others quickly following, such as grapes, tomatoes, potatoes, sunflowers, and cotton to name a few(transgenics in agriculture). Much of the modifications are centered on insect/pest resistance and herbicide resistance. Plants with these characteristics will be able to withstand being sprayed with herbicides to eliminate crop competition. This also makes it much easier to spray in between crop lines without killing the crops in the process as well, as many herbicides used are broad spectrum killers(utilizing trans. plants). Crops that are pest resistant can now go without the use of pesticides, some possibly harmful to human health, and stop the spread of pesticides through events such as runoff from these agricultural fields(
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Transgenics in Agriculture - Transgenics in Agriculture...

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