PS 215 - Title and Abstract

PS 215 - Title and Abstract - forgive than women....

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Examining Levels of Forgiveness When Encountered With Self-Focused or Affirming Apologies Taylor S. Henning University of Kentucky
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Abstract The current study explored the idea that ‘affirming’ apology types – those that acknowledged a wrong-doing and how it affected the wronged – would earn a higher rate of forgiveness that a ‘self-focused’ apology, which acknowledge how the action reflected poorly upon the apologizer. It was hypothesized that the ‘affirming’ apology condition would score higher than the ‘self-focused’ apology, and that men would be more likely to
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Unformatted text preview: forgive than women. Thirty-one PSY-215 students were given a prompt which described a situation where someone apologized with either an affirming apology or self-focused apology, and were then surveyed on how much they felt like forgiving the wrong-doer. While there was a difference in level of forgiveness, and the affirming condition scored higher, there was not a significant enough of a difference to show that apology type made a real difference. There also was not a significant difference when it came to gender of the forgiving party....
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PS 215 - Title and Abstract - forgive than women....

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