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Construction Stake - machine Make sure to use the laser...

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Haney Construction Stake-out Lab #7 Jordan Haney Team Members: Evan Drake and Patrick Eggemeier Date of Lab: 10/25/11 Date of Report: 10/27/11 Construction Stake-out Objectives: Use Total Station to locate the boring holes for 9 (1 central) 1-ft column supports for a 40’ tall 10,000 gallon steel water tank. Check the as-built stake-out error for one of the main diagonals of the property and location of one of the column supports. Property dimensions 20’x 18’. Equipment: Leica 307 Total Station (UK#A624074) Tripod Prism rod Hubs Stakes Mallet Weather: 66 ° F 30.21 in 47% Relative Humidity Procedure:
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Haney 1. Began by picking a point in the UK main field. This will set as your first point. Put a stake into the ground at this point to set-up the total station over. 2. Set-up the tri-pod and get it as level as possible before placing the total station on the platform. Once the total station in on the platform use extreme caution. 3. Look at the level bubble on the total station and now use that to finish leveling the
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Unformatted text preview: machine. Make sure to use the laser plummet to insure that you are located directly over the spot marked on the stake and if not adjust for that. 4. Now send the rod holder in the direction of where point 2 will be. This should be directly horizontal at a 0 ° angle. The rod holder should be 18 feet away. Take a shot and see how the distance relates to that figure. Adjust if needed and then place another stake at that point. Take another shot and record this data as the as-built stake. 5. Now using the Pythagorean Theorem, find the angle that must be turned and the distance to the other corner diagonal from point 1. 6. Repeat step 4 using the angle and distance found in step 5 to locate the stake at point three. Once the stake is set. Take a shot and record as the as-built stake. 7. For the fourth corner of the property, a 90 ° angle should be turned and...
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Construction Stake - machine Make sure to use the laser...

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