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1 University of Texas at San Antonio Department of Economics ECON 3193.001 (Spring 2012) COURSE : International Economics CLASSES MEET : TR 11:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m., BB 3.04.18 CREDIT HOURS : 3 PREREQUISITE : ECO 2003, 2013 or 2023 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Hamid Beladi Office: BB 4.03.56 Phone: 458-7038 or 458-7039 Email: OFFICE HOURS : Monday and Wednesday 2:00 - 4:00 TEXTBOOK: The required text for this course is International Economics , 15 th Edition, T. A. Pugel, McGraw-Hill, 2012. Supplement : Hand outs, Journal Articles COURSE DESCRIPTION This course provides an in-depth analysis of international trade and finance. A study of how international trade and globalization affect the national economy, focusing on the contemporary theories of trade as well as the real global issues. VALUE OF THE COURSE This course should enrich the student’s understanding of the micro-foundations of international trade and finance.
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2 COURSE OBJECTIVES This course covers the major issues surrounding international trade and finance. The globalization and economic interdependence of nations and businesses is an irreversible and increasingly prominent feature of contemporary society. Managers, policymakers, scholars and voters must be equipped to interpret and respond to international economic events and to offer sound judgments about international economic policies advocated by one or another party. Toward that end, students will learn the essential theoretical and empirical tools necessary to monitor and analyze international economic phenomena, and will apply these tools to contemporary business problems and issues in class discussion, short writing assignments, midterms and a final exam. The prerequisites are ECON 2003,2013 or 2023. ECONOMICS AND MATHEMATICS BACKGROUND Students enrolled in this class should have completed both ECON 2003, 2013 or 2023. It will be assumed that you know what is taught in these courses. Specifically, it is assumed that your algebra skills are sharp and that you are
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ECO 3193 - University of Texas at San Antonio Department of...

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