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1013-002 02 Ch 2 Minerals - GEO 1013 Third Planet Chapter 1...

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Unformatted text preview: GEO 1013 Third Planet Chapter 1 - Minerals EARTH MATERIALS EARTH • All Earth materials are composed of atoms All bound together bound • Minerals are composed of atoms bonded Minerals together • Minerals are the building blocks of rocks • Rocks are composed of minerals and Rocks they record various geologic processes they WHY STUDY MINERALS? • They can be things of beauty and value • Rocks are made up of minerals – Combinations of minerals and how they make up a rock determines the rock’s properties • Information on the geologic origin of an area • This is a geology course LECTURE OUTLINE • What are minerals? • Atomic structure of minerals • Diagnostic properties of minerals MINERALS Definition of a mineral: • Naturally occurring, • homogeneous solid, • inorganically formed, • definite chemical composition, and • ordered atomic arrangement ...
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