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4 - Thedjameteralthe pinheaazl ia 1 mm = 'auammininthe...

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Unformatted text preview: Thedjameteralthe pinheaazl ia 1 mm = 104maadthediameteret'auammininthe orderalmegm'xudeoflfl‘m m,lathemm:|her ofetamniathelayeratt'etamaumthetap aurfaaealthe pinhead 'a meat nearly :1: (115:) = [1111)1 =-_ 009(pa1't 1 M3110." palm Ganajtler the Fanning meaauremeru of mileaga: 30.1 mph 25.5 mph 23.? mph 315 mph 2:1 mph 23.5 mph 30 mph TECH mph 32.? mph 31.1" mph 31H. mph 3-1.? mph Wintheata'agemjleage[mingaigfiga]? Yamamwermrathewithjn :I: I10 mph. Garrett answer. 23.9 mph. Emlanation: HM] thrcrughMfl are the mileagea given ahare,then = M1 +Me +... +M12 12 =w=flmmpL M“! 010 (partlaffij 1|].l] palm: merfrmtheaveragemfleageilaayaneutf thaetalua, an average? Dr, in meteehhi— eaJtermalwhat htheaverageafthe absolute valueofthevu‘htjhraalthe mileage? For thepmpmalthhprabkmwewillmuthil renal: thenneermmtjrjnthemfleema. Ymmmmthewithin :I: I1! mph. Garr-eetaraaen 3.1 mph. Explanation: Geleulaflnm afnmateintjr mahe I1:Ia-:|e1:r_'.r amegiagthemagmtmieatfthe deviation 51' each datapaint. So, finn‘. find the deviatiam: dl=IlJmph—23.9mph=1.2mph h:25.5mph—23.9mph=—3.c1mph da=33.Tmph—Efl.9mph=—0.2mph lil=m.5mph—Efl.9mph=—E.d mph lit=2c1mph—23.9mph=—4.9mph dfi=23fimph—23.9mph=—DJ mph d1=30mph—flfl.9mph=il.ilmph da=2'i".Emph—23.9mph=—1.1mph da=32_rmph—2a9mph=33mph dm=31.Tmph—Efl.9mph=2£mph an =324mph—2a9mph=3.5mph an =34.Tmph—23.9mph =5.Emph Theunaertaimyiagivenbytheavemge magnitude ofthe dew'atiana: |d1|+lligl+...+lli]1| = 35-5 IDPII 13 12 011 {part 3 #31100 palm: W'hat 'm the relative I1::I.I:a1'.a.i1:|t_|,r1 wing the uncertainty from part 2? Your answer must he within :I: 0.1 '33. Gorrect maven: 103%. Ehcplanatlua: The relative amtaimar in defined an 3-: “SITE 012 {part 1 afd.)10.0 palm: The radiuaefthemmn 151321. x105 .11, the radiuufthenmil-EBE: 105m theaverage matte-earthvl:1.i.ln'.m:.ee'E:I.E-c.'l.3-c10i m,a.ndthe averageanJJ—eenh diatanm $1196 x 10H m. 1What htheappareatanglethedjameterof themaan. ruhtealt, aaeeenfmmthe earth? Gorrect maven: 0.0090515 rad. Ehcplanatlua: lfjre‘uheteaaanglefiltMt'uverjrmau [Ftl 1") in mere, then flateafl‘. ...
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