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b2 - Yemmmmtbel'ittjninflfi Gmreetam 125M Explanation Let...

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Unformatted text preview: Yemmmmtbel'ittjninflfi Gmreetam'. 125M Explanation: Let: F1=JIN at FL=3I1T1 F2=97N at. 32:13”, and F3=52N at. 33:1?HD. Ih'allingad'ugambeaceieiehave *——flN Sale: 10H l—I Manning: the resultant veetm', um {put nun} 1n.n pom “itemiathe 111mb]: afthiarumltantm 1m F? Um! Miriam an. the Faith! anguh: direetiun. between thelimjtael 451° and +13fi”fromthep:aitimzaai. ‘1'me befithin :I: 5.11% Gurrmtamwer. —95':'. Explanation: Meaneieg theaegle, H:_. 005 {put 1 are]. 1n.n pain: A particle has an init'ul lam-imam] vein-my 01'13 mfa and an initial upward vehem- of 3.51:1.9'3. lt iathlmglveea Intimate] aeodera— tam one my? and a downward aeufleretim: are? Inga? What in its agreed after -i I? Gun-eat. anaier. 15.11131 mla'a. Ehcplanetluu: Beale Euneep'ui: The directieu of the militia]: depemit only on: the hm'immal and vertical mm of the vdneity at any named. Solutlem Furthehurlmnm mm 1'! =um Hat = 2:; mfa+ {32 mfg?) {a a} = 15.1 1313's Furthe 1.rertiul:a.1 mien, ”Evan-nut =31. mfa— [2.2 ms!) {.1 a} =—5.3m;"a A rmdteet mgath-eveleeitgar weld indi- meduwnmdmefim. Arigiltu'iangleialurmedtu'themmpe- my: 1| = 1fe3+ a: = 11:15.1 ms}? + {—5.3 mfg]! = 15mm mfa D06 {partied-'2} 10.0 palm: What iathedjrmieeuliteveledtjrflthit time with rapedtn the Mineral? Am between —13fl° and +1313”. Gum m —19.W. Ebcpllnatlun: Thevertiealeumpeeentuyittheaideappe— aitetheangleflandthehmimtelampeneet memeaideedjaeemtutheeagle,m maul:fl I!" ...
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