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b7 - 1mm[ddTIi-E HW3 — muhantjr{my T tuthehmt'tdjrectiuu...

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Unformatted text preview: 1mm [ddTIi-E] - HW3 — muhantjr - {my T tuthehmt'tdjrectiuu ofmutiun. Hewellmax. 2.4 mfg relative to the beat". Atwmtapeedduahewalkrdafivetuthe m? Drmtlnmtuamfleuuegraph tudetetminethem. lerauwermmt heIIithin :I: 5.11% Gun-em answer. 5.?me Emlemtiucn: Drawing the vent-3m to Beale, Scale: 1 mjs I—l Meanuingthermfltem. m1 021] (partlafflj 11].“puluu At whetanglemhilin‘tendedpuhdneathe muwaitw‘jlhreapectmthe‘luter‘? szmermmth-ewithin £51155 Garrett m H”. Explanation: Manning the angle, 021(th 1ur311n.npulnus A Knight oftheflunndTeblefirmufl'etnt of hmujng pitch Emmhfa eatep‘lflt at 1?.3 111,:‘511 339*ehme the hnn'mntel. mmm oct'grevitj'hflfl [Elf-82. Hmlnng'flitintheair? Ehcplamtlun: Themilfiredufl'atau indhnaxiunocffiwith thehnrimmah mthevertimlmmponeut of theinjxieivelucflar'n val=tlaainfil 'Ihdetamjnehnwlmagthem'mjhthesdr, mnejder 1I'll-en the Meal diapl-eut in sgaihzem: 1 y=ya+wt-§9I“ |II=1I.Il-I.t—%§l.'1 D= Eat—3:: D =t{2un—gt} 2 ;=_"l E The trivialaulutiunl =flmmtheiyanred. m {partlnffi} 111.0 palm: W113: 'Etlmhm'imnntaleumponeat ofthe ve- heir}? Gum-eat mu: 11.14.15 mla's. Ehcplanetlun: The hm‘izmlal Dump-mt ufthe veheitjr in ug=uamafi DIE {part 3 arm 112M} palata- Ecrlr [er from the catapult done it lead? Getrect m EQjfld. m. Ehcplamtlun: The hm'imntehwelhcitytlg remain-moment finer thematire flight1 at} 2:1!!! Did. {partial-'2} Illl} palm: Dnenmlegyjneanmrbeflfighiemthm aanal‘belletehjghenglemmletflgound. ...
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