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lec04-defining the system notes - 1 Defining “the...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Defining “the system/systems” to efficiently attack specifice questions in coupled mass Newton’s Law problems. Annotated lecture notes by M. Croft---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This figure illustrates the typical approach to a 2 interacting object problem. Namely, Newton’s law for each of the two objects is written down and two simultaneous equations are solved for the 2 unknowns: the acceleration of the system (a) and the internal force/reaction force T between the objects. [Here the two dashed boxes indicate the two subsystems for which Newton's laws are written down separately. [Note that in this, and all the subsequent, problems the equal magnitude and opposite direction for the force/reaction-force between interacting objects dictated by Newton's 3 rd Law is used repeatedly without mentioning. Note also that the “+” direction is always carefully defined and all forces identified occur in Newton's laws with this sign convention.]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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lec04-defining the system notes - 1 Defining “the...

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