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Isaac Newton -background born Christmas Day 1642 ( a few months after Galileo died) -1727 in Woolsthorpe England (father died a few months before) Mother remarried, raised by grandmother Cambridge University bachelors degree 1665 1665-1667 spent two years at home (Black plagueclose to Cambridge) had a good 2 years at home… He devised (at age 24): differential and integral calculus mechanics Law of gravity optics New World picture + mathematics that would last 300 years almost unchanged (some will last as long as mankind) Newton had a tendency to exhaust fields and get bored didn’t publish for many years 1687 “Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy” or “Principa”
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Unformatted text preview: Newton became famous knighted- visited by Peter the Great of Russia made Master of the Mint (was an active Master of mint** see next page) 1703 (when Hook died) President of Royal Society dominated intelectual landscape till he died at 84 experimented with alcemy speculation about heavy metal (e.g. Hg) poisioning (mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland) VIGO Bay-1702 English captured part of Spanish treasure fleet -The silver and ~7lbs of gold were brought back to England-They were received with great ceremony by the then master of the mint, Sir Isaac Newton in person.-The 1703/03 gold and silver coins from this lot were stamped with VIGO....
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lec04d-203-11extra-zNewtonbio - Newton became famous...

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