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Isaac Newton -background born Christmas Day 1642 ( a few months after Galileo died) -1727 in Woolsthorpe England (father died a few months before) Mother remarried, raised by grandmother Cambridge University bachelors degree 1665 1665-1667 spent two years at home (Black plagueclose to Cambridge) had a good 2 years at home… He devised (at age 24): differential and integral calculus mechanics Law of gravity optics New World picture + mathematics that would last 300 years almost unchanged (some will last as long as mankind) Newton had a tendency to exhaust fields and get bored didn’t publish for many years 1687 “Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy” or “Principa”
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Unformatted text preview: Newton became famous – knighted- visited by Peter the Great of Russia made Master of the Mint (was an active Master of mint** see next page) 1703 (when Hook died) President of Royal Society dominated intelectual landscape till he died at 84 experimented with alcemy – speculation about heavy metal (e.g. Hg) poisioning (mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland) VIGO Bay-1702 English captured part of Spanish treasure fleet -The silver and ~7lbs of gold were brought back to England-They were received with great ceremony by the then master of the mint, Sir Isaac Newton in person.-The 1703/03 gold and silver coins from this lot were stamped with VIGO....
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lec04d-203-11extra-zNewtonbio - Newton became famous –...

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