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keyaagar.A1.140. - 1 Agarwal Keya G Agarwal Writ 140#64425...

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1 Agarwal Keya G. Agarwal Writ 140 #64425 Lauren Weindling Assignment #1 27 January 2012 The Price of Souls, not Sex: Stripping down to the truth about prostitution. A comedy that epitomizes female empowerment and deals with modern social issues, Sex and The City is a perfect example of how the media frames societal views. The character Samantha, a fearless vixen, challenges the norms of American society when she defines prostitution as a mere economic transaction; “ Money is power, sex is power, therefore, getting money for sex is simply an exchange of power.” Although the way we define this social issue may vary, prostitution is commonly viewed as the exploitation of women’s bodies using a financial incentive. It is usually considered immoral when considering the action itself, and socially unacceptable when considering the consequences of the act. Therefore, the business of prostitution as a whole is in fact both immoral and socially unacceptable. Hence, different preventions need to be implemented in certain combinations to completely and effectively deter the issue. Education should to be used to raise awareness about the consequences of participating in the sex industry and to alter our perception of sex. In addition, counseling or therapy should be provided to the victims of the industry to deal with the immoral aspect of prostitution. To compliment these measures and to limit the impact of this sex trade on society, we should attempt to legalize prostitution to make it safer and to protect the health of those involved in it. Since the outcomes of prostitution are what classify it as socially unacceptable, we can infer that they are undesirable. For instance, the act leads to a person engaging in sex with
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2 multiple partners, increasing the risk of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Furthermore, this increases the chances of pregnancy, particularly if the prostitute does not use or cannot afford required forms of birth control. In turn, pregnant sex workers may misuse abortion by treating it as a form of birth control. Or on the other hand, if the sex worker choses to keep her child, then she may raise her/him in an unsafe home and environment, without sufficient care and amenities. This economy of sex is associated with several other perils; one being that it creates an unsafe neighborhood because it is illegal in most countries. “Pimps,” who manage groups of prostitutes by pretending to be their care takers, generally mistreat the women and/or men who work for them, and manipulate several into thinking that they are keeping their best interests in mind. Another outcome of prostitution is increased temptation, which leads to adultery, and in more extreme cases, broken homes. All of these results have a negative impact on society by affecting individuals who are not directly involved, and hence contribute to prostitution being socially unacceptable. The act of prostitution itself, not its consequences, is the source of its immorality. The
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keyaagar.A1.140. - 1 Agarwal Keya G Agarwal Writ 140#64425...

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