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Keya Agarwal ARLT – 100 – 35237 Homework: Week Eight Homework : How does McKay define vagabondage in the novel? How does it relate to work, labor, settling down? How does his artistic project, "a novel without a plot," represent and engage with ideas and aesthetics of nomadism? McKay uses the term vagabondage in his novel “Banjo” to define the lifestyle of the ‘Beach Boys’. This lifestyle can be characterized by mostly by their attitude towards life, which in my opinion encompasses what McKay was attempting to define vagabondage as. That is, the ‘beach boys’ ‘ attitude towards life was a carefree one, focused of working to pay for a meal and wine for the day, without any worries for tomorrow. This free spirited attitude relates to why they were not truly committed to any jobs and instead chose to be ‘beach bums’. To an extent they seemed to have resented working depending on the task at hand, as Ray describes coal mining as unfavorable because they would come out of the coal being blacker than they already were. However when times
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