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Keya Agarwal Homework week 9: ARLT – Paris Noir How would Nardal critique Princesse Tam Tam? Nardal’s work entitled ‘Exotic Puppets’ gives the reader a glimpse into her mind, revealing her perspective on the prevalent issues of international black societies. One of her main topics of discussion in the essay is that of a stereotype generated by the “French mind” and then falling from literature in to the “public domain” 1 . Hence Nardal may critique the film Pricesse Tam Tam for portraying the stereotyped view of a colored woman. A savage and primitive demeanor can characterize this stereotype, which is exactly what Josephine Baker’s role in the movie calls for. The unrefined character serves as a means for communicating to an audience, the illusion of what a black woman is truly like. Upon several occasions during the film, the character Alwina is referred to as an animal, a savage and several other related and similar titles, that Nardal could have found particularly striking, for they are assumptions and generalizations. Nardal also feels that
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