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arlt - hw week 7

arlt - hw week 7 - Keya Agarwal ARLT Paris Noir Prof Hill...

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Keya Agarwal ARLT – Paris Noir Prof. Hill Homework week 7: Homework: McKay's protagonists have heated debates and arguments throughout the novel. Find three such scenes for analysis. What is the argument about? What are the different sides to the debate? Who is on what side? How do cultural origin, class, gender, and/or race play a role in the different sides of the debate? One of the arguments that takes during the novel is the squabble wih a Parisian Waitress in a café when Banjo decides to eat Pix fixe. She gets him the cheque after he finished his meal and to his astonishment he has to pay more than he has in his wallet. He says that she calculated the amount incorrectly but she’s insistent that he must pay. Finally Banjo find Ray, a colored writer who speaks French, to talk to the waitress for him. This resolves the issues but the two sides have an animosity towards each other. This is seen especially in a racial context as when Banjo and Ray leave, the waitress shouts “ Je suis
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