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ARLT – Week 10 Homework What is colonial Exoticism to Menil and Nardal? How does it affect culture generally and poetry specifically? According to Menil, Collonial Exoticism is a type of perception of an individual who is alien to one’s self. For this reason there needs to be two humanities to have this type of perspective to form. However, the fundamental existence of humans in a colonial society is exile, separation and alienation from oneself. This is the more general cultural view, but leads us to the view in poetry and other forms of literature; the expression of one’s self might be alien in itself because it is detached and superficial due to the social conditioning over centuries. An example is the description of a Caribbean person himself when he captures his life in poetry or painting, as it is through a superficial and alien view. This is due to the distance that society finds in relation to itself within the colonial
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Unformatted text preview: system. According to Nardal, colonial exoticism was more of a presentation than a perspective, and according to her modern literature and poetic imagination convoluted and falsely portrayed black international cultures through colonial exoticism. Black cultures were being stereotyped in general and through poetry specifically there were even more stereotypes, such as the dangerous mulatto, as Negros were being turned into a form of amusement and entertainment. These contrasting interpretations of colonial exoticism both portray the loss of identity for the racially oppressed, in both the cultural and literary context, but at the same time represent different view points of the effect that it had on both the colonized and the colonizers in general....
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