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arlt hw week 14

arlt hw week 14 - Keya Agarwal ARLT Paris Noir Homework...

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Keya Agarwal ARLT – Paris Noir Homework week 14 Cahier d'un retour au pays natal: Homework : Césaire's Cahier can be divided into several sections. What are these sections? How would you summarize each one and the overall trajectory of the poem? The first section of Cesaire’s poem Notebook of a Return to the Native Land , is centered around the reactions of the colonized to the end of colonization, or in Cesaire’s words; at the end of day break. The shock, disorder, confusion and lack of direction that struck the colonized right after colonialism are highlight through Cesaire’s depiction of nature acting strangely. This highlights the aftermath of colonization, and the state of mind of the slaves of colonialism. Then in the next section, Cesaire focuses on how the colonized were in the phase of over coming the anger and strangeness associated with hating them selves, which was a result of the psychological torment that they were put through after slavery. The poet underlines their craving for a normal future; “that the promised times may return 1
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