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BUAD 304 assignment 2 - Keya Agarwal BUAD 304 Leading...

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Keya Agarwal BUAD 304 – Leading Organizations (Discussion session: 14752) Professor Coombs and Tolan Assignment #2 – IBM’s Multicultural and Multinational Teams 1. Teamwork utilizes more time and on most occasions, more resources than individual work does. Furthermore, teams have greater communication demands and more conflicts and meetings to handle. Since teams require more resources, it is associated with higher costs, and thus should only be implemented if the type of work can really be benefited by joint effort. Generally a team effort is only required for jobs that are complemented by different perspectives due to their complexity, that have interdependent tasks where the success of the job depends on the success of all tasks, and if work creates a common set of goals for many people in the group that is greater than the sum total of individual goals. Hence I would say that it depends on the type of tasks that IBM implements its team work resources for that determines weather it’s a worthy investment or not. If the task meets the requirements above then it is it
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BUAD 304 assignment 2 - Keya Agarwal BUAD 304 Leading...

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