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buad diss hw 3

buad diss hw 3 - Keya Agarwal BUAD 304 Leading...

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Keya Agarwal BUAD 304 – Leading Organizations (Discussion session: 14752) Professor Coombs and Tolan Ch. 17 Ethical Dilemma: 1. I do think it is unethical for Sean to retitle his former job from credit clerk to credit analyst, because both positions would entail different skill sets that he may have. If an employer were to hire him and realize that his skill sets weren’t that of an analyst but merely a clerk, then it would lead to Seans’ extermination from the company in the end, which may then lead to future employers questioning why he got fired to begin with. Not only is this wasteful for Sean, but it is also wasteful for the company because they would have rejected other applicant for not having as boastful of a resume as Sean only to realize after spending resources and time trying to train him that he is not qualified enough for his job. Case Incident 1: 1. Employers carry out background checks of employees to see what past employers have said about them, but rarely is the information they find useful. In fact nearly
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