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buad lec assignment 3 - dressing for success

buad lec assignment 3 - dressing for success - Keya Agarwal...

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Keya Agarwal 10/14/2011 Session: 14752 Dressing for Success Buad 304 Prof. Coombs and Tolan Case incident: 1. Cohen had a right to be offended to some extent, but she needed to fit in to the cultural values of the company and integrate herself into the environment effectively. By dressing in a different manner from other employees and not conforming to the general dress code she is straying away from the values and culture of the organization. For example, as stated in the case study, some companies such as the Silicon Valley marketing firm Mcgrath/Power believe; “when we were very casual the quality of work wasn’t as good”. Hence considering the correlation between work attire and performance and how it may affect some companies, Cohen should understand the context in which she was being told to conform to the dress code. On the other hand however, it was suggested to Cohen than she should conform to the dress code of the company and not express herself through her attire which is not truly her and hence a lie. So through an ethical perception Cohen may be perceived to have a right to be offended. Apart from the code of ethics we owe it to ourselves and to others to present whom we really are in order to be trustworthy. In this sense, to express
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