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lec hw 5 - buad

lec hw 5 - buad - Keya Agarwal BUAD 304 Leading...

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Keya Agarwal BUAD 304 – Leading Organizations (Discussion session: 14752) Professor Coombs and Tolan Ch. 18 Innovation – and Continuity - at Toyota 1. Toyata makes gradual changes, but these are consistent ones, that keep them maintaining a large market share in the unstable environment. However, change is not the same thing as innovation. Innovation is change that leads to new ideas or significant improvements. Innovation can be either achieved through small increments or through radical changes, but both suggest that innovation is taking place. Hence Toyota is an innovative organization, and it does have radical breakthroughs as well in fact, such as their battery powered Prius. 2. Toyota is in an industry that requires it to be highly innovative and constantly keep changing their products and strategies. Inbred leadership may not be the best fit for this organization, as managers who are extremely well acquainted with or only ever work in one organization, tend to stagnate change. Hence, by changing
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