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hist - texts and textures #4

hist - texts and textures #4 - how it was implemented to...

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Keya Agarwal Hist-102gm Texts and Textures essay #4: Crime and Punishment – Anglo- Saxon Law Codes By Kathleen Casey Kathleen Casey’s essay on Anglo-Saxon law codes commenced by portraying the formation of customary law, which was issued in King Ethelbert’s name in the early seventh century during the Christian era in Kent, Britain. The essay then focused on the adaptation and evolution of this law over the next four centuries by Anglo Saxon rulers. It also highlighted fascinating aspects of it, such as determining a man value, as well as
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Unformatted text preview: how it was implemented to resolve issues such as the blood feud. Furthermore, it referred to the development of other related laws such as the personal customary law, and its eventual replacement with common law, alongside cannon law. The essay revealed intricacies of Anglo-Saxon law that helped in forming a better understanding of Anglo-Saxon society, and was an eye opener....
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