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Keya Agarwal 11/4/11 History 102gm – Texts and Textures essay #6 Prof Glenn and Mr. Justin Haar Wondrous Crusade Encounters Usama Ibn Munqidh’s Book of Learning by Example Adnan Husain Adnan Husain’s essay on Usama Ibn Munqidh’s Book of Learning by Example commenced in a very informative manner, with a great deal of detail on Usama’s life supported by heaps and heaps of background information, with very little reference to the text. It was only until brief biography of Usama’s life was completed, that did the essay actually discussed the book written by Usama. However, when this exploration of the Book of Learning begun, I was very thought provoking and touched on many of the issues that stood out to me when I was reading Usama’s book. For instance, Usama’s
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Unformatted text preview: perspective of “masculine virtue as the jealous and rigorous protection of female honor”, based on how his Uncle protected a woman’s honor who he had divorced a long time ago by rescuing her from the Franks. Husain contrasted this with the lack of jealousy and feminine honor amongst the Franks as presented through the passage on a Frankish man finding another man in bed with his wife, and reacting a nonchalant way. The concept of interpreting such contrasts to portray differences in values, religion, ethics etc. is what seemed to be a well framed and thoughtfully collaborated perspective....
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