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history paper 3 - Medieval Civilization Prof. J. Glen...

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Medieval Civilization Keya Agarwal Prof. J. Glen History 102 GM . Fall 2011 Paper Three In selected books of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, cultural divergence highly influenced the authors opinions of what makes a man a man, with regard to honor and proprietary, more specifically in relation to women. In Usama Ibn Munqidh’s Book of Contemplation, Usama portrayed cultural differences between the Franks and his own people to highlight his view on how “The Franks possess nothing in the way of regard for honor or proprietary. 1 ” He included several examples to support his statement in his literary work, of which the one that seemed the most astonishing to him concerned a Frankish man who sold wine for the Muslims. Usama explained that when the Frank came back home one day and found a man in bed with his wife, he questioned what business had brought the man to his wife, and the man said he had come to rest because he had got tired. There upon the Frank asked him how he got into his bed, to which the man replied that the bed was all made up so he slept in it. The Frank pursued by asking him why he did so while his wife was in the bed, and the man simply answered that he had no authority to keep her out of it. Bewilderingly to Usama, the Frank merely threatened the man in bed with his wife by saying that if he were to repeat his actions they would have an argument. To contrast the lack of masculinity displayed by the Frank, which, in
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history paper 3 - Medieval Civilization Prof. J. Glen...

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