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Keya Agarwal 11/30/11 History 102gm – Texts and Textures essay #8 Prof Glenn and Mr. Justin Haar Why Margery Kempe is Annoying and Why We Should Care Clementine Oliver Clementine Oliver’s essay on Margery Kempe was an interesting analysis of the social dynamics and conventions of the late-medieval period. Her presumptuous statements on increased social mobility may in fact influence the reader’s interpretation of her following discussion on Margery’s desire to become a part of a literate population in her society. Perhaps Clementine Oliver was suggesting that Margery’s need to write an autobiography, even though she needed a scribe to do so, could have been a result of the
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Unformatted text preview: increased social mobility in the late fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries. In this case, her statements on increased social mobility in the late-medieval period, which personally come across as assumptions, appear to be inferences rather than declarations. To reiterate, the formula the author of the essay used to extrapolate her analysis of Margery Kempe’s autobiography could have possibly laced her discourse with biases from her predisposed knowledge of Margery’s world, subduing the effectiveness of her argument....
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