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paper 2 for history - History 102 (36909)- Paper #2 Keya...

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History 102 (36909)- Paper #2 Keya Agarwal Upon reading “Beowulf” and “The History of the Franks”, one may immediately notice the abundance of carnage in the novels. They are both very war-based and refer to heroic feats as well as gory murders; such as the slaughter of Grendel and his Mother by Beowulf, and Gregory of Tours’ account of the Thuringian’s attack upon the Franks, when hostages were hung “up to die in trees by the muscles of their thighs” 1 . The ‘power of the sword’ may in this sense relate to sovereignty and command. The authors seem to have praised these qualities highly, especially in the case of the heroic protagonist Beowulf; “Now the warrior has done the deed - through God’s might -that none of us were skillful enough to accomplish before” 2 . The character of Beowulf had been attributed with God-like power, and was greatly glorified for his strength. This indicates that the authors placed importance upon skills that benefited one in battle, emphasizing the way that they thought, and
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paper 2 for history - History 102 (36909)- Paper #2 Keya...

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