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Philosophy 140: Contemporary Moral and Social Issues Professor Jeshion Paper #2 Your paper should be approximately 1500 words. It is due on April 9th, 2012 , by 3pm . You must submit an electronic copy through Blackboard. You are to advance your own position about the moral standing of abortion or euthanasia. Exactly what thesis you argue for is up to you. If you have a novel argument for a certain position, you may develop and spell out that argument and defend it against objections. If you wish to support an argument by one of our authors, you may do that, instead. To do well, you need to: 1. Refine your thesis. (E.g., state exactly which circumstances must obtain for euthanasia or abortion to be permissible.) 2. Demonstrate an understanding of various distinctions and moral positions that we have so far
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Unformatted text preview: covered in class, and cite the work of relevant authors from our readings (E.g., if you are arguing for the view that it is never morally permissible to have an abortion because fetus's have a right to life, you need to explain in detail exactly what sort of a right a right to life is, and you should indicate why the fetus has a right to life, perhaps backing or distinguishing your position from one we've covered.) 3. Show the philosophical skills of argumentation that you developed in the more structured context in the last paper: carefully discuss problems for your position, and defend against them, always making sure to take up the more serious objections. 4. Implement a tailored version of the basic steps I outlined in the last paper....
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