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ABORTION! (most sources ellen gutna? www.gutmarker.org ) 1.5 legal abortions per year between 1973 and 2005 about 45000000 legal abortions performed 49% of all pregnancies are unintended, around half of these are aborted by the time women are 45, 1/3 would have at least one abortion abortion history: Roe vs. Wade—supreme court decision Abortion may not be denied prior to fetal viability (it can live outside the womb) States may prohibit abortion after viability (with restrictions) Induced abortion = intentional termination of fetal life Methods of abortion: Morning after pill (week 1)—prevents fertilization, prevent fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus RU486 pill (weeks 2-7) Vacuum aspiration Dilation and curettage Dilation and extraction “partial birth” (2
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Unformatted text preview: nd-3 rd trimester) 90% of abortions are performed in the first trimester reasons: • Rape/incest • Risk to mothers health/life • Expectation of disabled/afflicted child • Unwanted lifestyle • Financial limitations • Relationship problems with partner When should abortion be allowed? • Moral vs. legislative issue We will look at 2 sorts of arguments 1. Consequentialist 2. Rights.based Consequentialist considerations Pro abortion • Mother’s health and safety • Mother’s quality of life • Psychological burden of parenthood • Childs quality of life • Overstretching social and natural resources Anti Abortion • Pain inflicted on fetus • Loss of child’s future happiness • Physical and psychological harm to mother and other family...
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