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SI session start Monday!!!! Tuesday 6-7 VKC 208 Tuesday 7-8 VKC 208 Thursday 2-3 TBA Friday 1-2 THH 205 Chemistry: study of matter, properties, interactions with other matter and with energy The scientific method: observation, hypothesis, From repeatedly proven hypothesis laws Laws have no exceptions, summarizes what happens experimentally through observations (16 natural laws) Theories attempt to explain observations and laws Theory might not be totally correct Pure substances have constant compositions: element cannot be broken down; compound can be broken down; mixtures are impure
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Unformatted text preview: Homogeneous mixtures: visibly all the same Heterogeneous: visibly see the separated components Alloy=solution=homogeneous The kilogram is not universal; cannot be produced Mega (M) 10^6 Kilo (k) 10^3 Deci (d) 10^-1 Centi (c) 10^-2 Milli (m) 10^-3 Micro (u) 10^-6 Nano 10^-9 Use Kelvin scale because Celsius could result in zero/negative results Significant figures: Non-zeroes are always significant Zeros are significant depending on their type Leading zeros- not significant Between digits- significant Trailing zeroes-significant if there is a decimal point...
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