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Michael Knutson Sarker 27 April 2011 MIS 322 Homework #5 2. ITEM (Item_ID, Item_Name, Product_ID, Product_Quantity, Production_Plan_ID, Shipment_ID, Supplier_ID) PRODUCT (Product_ID, Product_Name, Item_ID, Master_Schedule_ID) MASTER SCHEDULE (Master_Schedule_ID, Master_Schedule_Name, Product_ID, Production_Plan_ID) PRODUCTION PLAN (Production_Plan_ID, Production_Plan_Name, Item_ID, Master_Schedule_ID) SHIPMENT (Shipment_ID, Shipment_Name, Volume, Item_ID, Supplier_ID)SUPPLIER (Supplier_ID, Supplier_Name, Item_ID, Shipment_ID)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. PRICE QUOTE (Quote_Quantity, Price, Item_Number, Vendor_ID, Order_Number) PART (Item_Number, Description) VENDOR (Vendor_ID, Address) PART RECEIPT (Order_Number, Date, Order_Quantity) 6.a APPLICANT (Applicant_ID, Applicant_Name, Applicant_Address) POSITION (Position_ID, Position_Title, Date_Position_Opens, Department, Applicant_ID) INTERVIEW (Date_Interviewed, Date_Applied, Applicant_ID, Position_ID, Offer)...
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