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Marketing 360 Assignment 8 Michael Knutson, Curtis Emerson, Ryan Murphy, Carter Edwards 29 April 2011 Company Name: Spice of Life Product Name: Spice Straws Target Market: College Kids, Vacationers Customers Need: Cheaper and smaller spice packets 1. We will distribute our product to our customers through local grocery stores and convenience center located near college campuses and popular travel destinations. We plan to use a single, selective channel of distribution to avoid unnecessary costs. That channel will be grocery retailers and select convenience stores. 2. Our intermediaries will include third party logistics providers. These shipping distributers will get our product from our manufacturing centers to the grocery stores. The grocery stores are also intermediaries themselves. As a new company with little capital, insourcing would be a more realistic decision. This way we get experts to handle logistics as oppose to having to hire and
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Unformatted text preview: train our own people. 3. Just in time delivery and stocking techniques are not very important for our product line because spices dont really have an expiration date and therefore can be stocked indefinitely. In this respect, the expansion of our company has little to do with logistical timing 4. Our overall distribution objective is maximizing sales. Minimizing handling is not necessarily important as long as it stays within our company and business partners. Our firm has limited capital and thus lacks the ability to handle of distribution functions. Therefore we will hire third-party logistics firms. We will most likely the ground as our mode of product transportation, specifically utilizing the low cost of trucks. Our distribution strategy will be based around intensive methods. Our hope is to increase sales by distributing our product through as many suitable retailers as possible....
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