study g - Chapter 3 Managing the Information Systems...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 3: Managing the Information Systems Project I) Phases in Project Management A) Initiating the Project A.1) Establish project initiation team A.2) Establish relationship with customer A.3) Establish project initiation plan A.4) Establish management procedures A.5) Establish project management environment workbook B) Planning the Project B.1) Describe the scope, alternatives and feasibility B.1.a)Scope and Feasibility B.1.a.i) Understand the project B.1.a.ii) What problem is addressed B.1.a.iii) What results are to be achieved B.1.a.iv) Measures of success completion criteria B.2) Divide the project into manageable tasks B.2.a)Work breakdown structure B.2.b)Gantt Chart B.3) Estimate resources and create a resource plan B.4) Develop a preliminary schedule B.4.a)Utilize Gantt Charts and Network Diagrams B.5) Develop a communication plan B.5.a)Outline communication process among customers, team members and management B.6) Determine project standards and procedures B.6.a)Specify how deliverables are tested and producedB....
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study g - Chapter 3 Managing the Information Systems...

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