Note Card - [5 Economic Systems: Foraging, Horticulture,...

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[ 5 Economic Systems: Foraging, Horticulture, Agriculture, Pastoralism, Industrialism] [ Domestication: Tavant –sheep, goat; Andes –llama, alpaca; China –water buffalo, pig, rice, millet; Mesoamerica –turkey; New World -squash, gourds; Wheat – tough axis, brittle, husk, larger] [ 4 Levels Social Organiz. Hierarchy: Band basic, <100, splits seasonally, leaders give advice/make decisions but cannot enforce, social-economic system=sharing, conflicts resolved=fighting/rap battles; Tribe – food-producing society w/ basic political structure, economies=nonintensive food product. (horticulture/pastorilsm); Chiefdom – social relations= kinship, marriage, descent, etc, permanent political regulation of territory, led by the chief+assistants, economies= horticulture/pastoral nomadism/agriculture/regulated by chief; State – autonomous political units with social classes and formal government, based on law, based on central government and socio stratification, economies of agriculture/industrialism, conflict is resolved in court systems based on laws] [ Chiefs – full-time political specialists in charge of regulating the economy. Status of chief =ascribed. Oldest child of the oldest child; Big Men - Supporters in several villages. Status is achieved. Distinguished by his wealth, generosity,
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Note Card - [5 Economic Systems: Foraging, Horticulture,...

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