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Michael Knutson Tillotson 1 November 2010 ESRP Lab Section 8 [Title] The green revolution was the movement that essentially produced and provided agricul- tural steroids to farmers worldwide. The Consultive Group on Internatinoal Agriculture Research helped more than double the world’s average yields of corn, rice, and wheat between the mid 1950s and the mid 1990s (2). Researchers developed new technologies that increased industrial- ized agriculture in America, as well as developing nations such as India, and many parts of Asia. These new technologies included high-yielding varieties of grains that were especially resistant to disease, more productive irrigation infrastructure, and synthetic fertilizers and pesticides (5). For many years, crop growth saw a global increase, but like steroids, these new technologies would prove to be detrimental in future generations. For much of the late 1900s, new synthetic pesticides and high-yield, disease-resistant seeds seemed to transform barren soils into fertile producers. Many third-world countries that previously imported most of their grain began producing enough to become self-sufficient or even suppliers themselves. The hybrid “miracle” seeds only grew as well as their predecessors unless paired with the newly developed high-tech fertilizers. Thus fertilizers were employed wherever the seeds were being planted. Old techniques, such as plowing, were also improved and made more efficient, through the use of industrial machinery. With larger, and more product- ive infrastructure, a farmer could plow his land in twice the time, with a fraction of the labor cost. These benefits however, had major consequences down the road.
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Essay 5 - Michael Knutson Tillotson 1 November 2010 ESRP...

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