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What Water Means To Me - accessible and they didn’t have...

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Michael Knutson Tillotson 1 November 2010 ESRP Lab Section 8 What Water Means to Me Water means a lot to me now that I think about it, but throughout the course of everyday life, I rarely do. I need water to survive and maintain my hygine but I don’t ever think about how much water I’m using or if I’m wasting it because it’s so readily available. I don’t drink nearly as much water as I’m suppose to, yet through showering, washing my hands, brushing my teeth, and many other daily tasks, I waste gallon upon gallon of a resource that people are fighting over in parts of the world. I guess I consume the way I do because I’ve never known anything differ- ent. I’ve never had to go any extended period of time without water to bathe in, much less drink. My parents are more conservative about water because they grew up in times where it was less
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Unformatted text preview: accessible and they didn’t have as much money. Thankfully I live in a climate that is rather temperate. I think I would use much more wa-ter in hot dry climates because I would be more thirsty and more sweaty. Personal hygiene and hydration are both important to me, which means I would be using a whole lot more water to maintain my personal preference of comfort. I definitely use more water in the summer, most prominently on the plants in my mother’s garden. My mom works night shifts at a hospital which means I’m usually left in charge of watering her plants in the day while she sleeps. All in all, un-til I’m forced to live with water scarcity, water will stay out of my conscious daily life....
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