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PSY 205: Quiz 1 Study Guide Important People and Schools · Wilhelm Wundt  Father of Psychology · Titchener  Structuralism · William James  Functionalism · J.B. Watson  Behaviorism · Max Wertheimer  Gestalt Psychology Neurotransmitters · Acetylcholine (ACh) o Skeletal Muscles o Regulation of attention, arousal, and memory o Stimulated by nicotine · Serotonin (SE)
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Unformatted text preview: o Abnormal levels = depression or OCD · Dopamine (DA) o Voluntary movement, pleasurable emotions o Decreased levels = Parkinson’s disease o Over activity = schizophrenia · Norepinephrine (NA) o Contributes to modulation of mood and arousal o Elevated by Cocaine and amphetamines · GABA o Inhibitory transmitter o Valium and similar anti-anxiety drugs work at GABA synapses STUDY: GANDS 5 Parts of the brain...
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