Diversity Policy.pdf - Client Diversity Policy 1 PURPOSE AND SCOPE HelpMeOut.Org recognises respects and values the diversity of its staff clients and

Diversity Policy.pdf - Client Diversity Policy 1 PURPOSE...

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Client Diversity Policy 1. P URPOSE AND S COPE HelpMeOut.Org recognises, respects and values the diversity of its staff, clients and the community in which it operates. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to Board members, staff, students, and visitors of HelpMeOut.Org are aware for ensuring diversity is recognised, valued and respected. 2. Definitions Culturally and linguistically diverse refers to different linguistic, religious, racial and ethnic backgrounds. Cultural diversity embraces Indigenous Australian and multicultural perspectives. Culturally secure ways of working respect the legitimate rights, values and expectations of people and acknowledge the diversity within and between communities living in remote, regional and metropolitan areas. A disability may be defined as an intellectual, psychiatric, cognitive, neurological, sensory or physical impairment or a combination of those impairments. Diversity refers to aspects and differences of people such as beliefs, attitudes, languages, social circumstances, ability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender history, health status and age. Diverse sexualities include people identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex (GLBTI). Inclusive language aims to include and is free of bias, discrimination and avoids stereotyping and mistaken assumptions about people on the basis of their, sex, marital status, pregnancy or potential pregnancy, breast feeding, sexual orientation, gender history, health status, race, nationality, colour or ethnic origin, age, religious or political conviction, impairment or disability, family responsibility or family status. 3. P RINCIPLES Valuing diversity contributes to better outcomes for clients. Information about the organisation and its services and programs is accessible to individuals and groups with specific diversity attributes. Individuals seeking support from HelpMeOut.Org are provided with care that is free from stigma, discrimination and stereotyping.
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