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Meiosis Step By Step Interphase I : During this stage, the chromosomes replicate. Prophase I : Chromosomes condense. Homologous chromosomes come together in pairs (called synapsis), forming a complex of four chromosomes (called tetrads). Crossing over occurs.Chromosomes begin to move to the center of the cell. Metaphase I : The chromosomes meet at the center on the metaphase plate. Anaphase I : The spindle apparatus pulls the homologous chromosomes apart to opposite poles. Telophase I : Cytokinesis occurs. Both cells now have a haploid chromosome set, but each chromosome has two sister chromatids. In some species, chromosomes decondense, and an Interphase II occurs. Prophase II : Chromosomes progress to the center Metaphase II : Chromosomes meet at the center plate in one line. Anaphase II : Chromosomes are separated into sister chromatids and they move to opposite ends of the cell. Telophase II : Cytokinesis occurs again. Nuclei begin to form and cells with half the number of the original chromosome begin to appear. Meiosis and Genetic Diversity Part II
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