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Animal Cell Organelles - sub-cellular structures. Prokaryotic cell - has no nucleus and its genetic material (DNA) is concentrated in a region called the nucleoid, but no membrane separates this region from the rest of the cell. Cytosol semi-fluid medium in cytoplasm. Cytoplasm - the entire contents of the cell, exclusive of the nucleus, and bounded by the plasma membrane. Plasma membrane -selective barrier that allows sufficient passage of oxygen, nutrients, and waste for the cell. Nucleus - contains most of the genes that control the eukaryotic cell. Chromatin - within the nucleus, the DNA is organized along with proteins into material. Chromosomes - chromatin coiled up. Nucleolus - region in which components of the ribosome are synthesized and assembled. Ribosome - site where the cell makes proteins. Cytoplasmic Streaming - A circular flow of cytoplasm, involving myoson and actin filaments, that speed s the distribution of materials within cells. Lysosomes
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