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RISK CONSIDERATIONS Obtain and  analyze the following  information  prior to assessing risk at the process level.  This list is not all-inclusive nor are all items applicable to all processes.  The information   may be objective or subjective.  The relative importance will differ for each process. In   certain circumstances, the audit  team’s intuition  will outweigh  all other considerations. 1. Results of self-audits 2. Period  since last audit 3. Results of last audit 4. Complexity of system  or process
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Assets controlled by process 6. Changes to the process 7. Employee turnover 8. Level of government regulations 9. Results of last regulatory exam 10. Management concern 11. Volume of production 12. Remote locations 13. Level of supervision 14. Overall control environment 15. Evaluation of management personnel ( competence and integrity) 16. Changes to systems utilized in process 17. Employee morale 1 Source: Protiviti KnowledgeLeader http:/ / www.knowledgeleader.com...
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