Ashland's Compliance Program Framework

Ashland's Compliance Program Framework - Mega Process:...

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Unformatted text preview: Mega Process: Maintain Integrity and Protect the Company Process: Manage Compliance Process Owner: Date: E&C Committee Policy Management – Tab 3 gn n e v o G ir E&C Committee Compliance Process Cycle – Tab 2 Sub-Committee Metrics, Audits, Surveys, RI Measure Effectiveness – Tab 4 Discipline Review Committee Consistent Discipline – Tab 5 Consistent Annual Compliance Plan – Tab 6 ssec o P er o C r Identify Compliance Requirements Evaluate Compliance Status Risk Assessment Risk Assessment Develop & Execute Plan Compliance Plans Annual Code of Conduct Certification – Tab 7 Annual Compliance/Ethics Training – Tab 8 Complaint Channels / Investigations – Tab 9 Complaint gnl ba n E i Manage Compliance Operating Model Establish Goals, Objectives, and Targets – Tab 1 Establish Compliance Communications – Tab 10 Stakeholder Reporting – Tab 11 Stakeholder Communicate & Document Sub-Committee Maintain & Review E&C Committee Management Review Operating Committee E&C Manager Sub-Committee Steering Committee E&C Manager Process Map, Annual Cycle ...
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