Risk Assessment Process - Facilitation Tips

Risk Assessment Process - Facilitation Tips - Risk...

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Risk Assessment Process - Facilitation Tips This guide provides tips and tricks in facilitating a risk assessment workshop. These tips are organized to guide you through the high-level phases of a risk assessment discussion and provide insight into the facilitator’s role for this process. Invite people to sit at the front of the room (rather than letting them sit at the back). Keep the time schedule in mind and avoid taking too much time for one item. Make sure you take a short break periodically to revitalize the group. Avoid judging participant comments. Manage expectations by directly addressing the expectation(s) that cannot be met. When presenting the concepts of risk management, take your time. It is probably the first time that most participants are hearing about the concepts. When presenting the risk assessment process, spend a few minutes to give people an overview of the whole process before starting with Step 1. II. Identification of Risk To avoid getting a long list of risks from participants, ask everyone to state one risk. After one round, ask if there are additional key risks concerning the objectives. Be as specific as possible when defining the risk. For example, describe a risk as “Loss of top two Avoid documenting current issues since these are the things they should be managing. Ask “Is this an issue?” If so explain that, “an issue is a certainty and a risk is an uncertainty. So what is the risk (uncertainty)?” Ensure that there is a verb included in the risk definition. For example, state that “Employee turnover increases beyond 15%” rather than “The risk of employee turnover.” To speed up the risk definition process, put a temporary definition on screen first and then work
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Risk Assessment Process - Facilitation Tips - Risk...

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